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Our Program to control & stop your asthma naturally is taught by Brandon Hunt, and includes a breathing technique developed by specialists to alleviate and control symptoms of asthma without the need for medication.


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About the author

Brandon Hunt is not only a certified Buteyko practitioner, but a certified yoga instructor as well.

Certified in 2008 by the world renowned Buteyko Practitioner Patrick McKeown. I established AsthmaCoach.com that same year. The goal of Asthma Coach is to let every asthmatic in the world know about the Buteyko Breathing Technique. It takes dedication and practice, but it is incredibly effective! It’s not just my personal experience along with countless other Buteyko students that says it works, but nine clinical trials also demonstrate the effectiveness of the revolutionary Buteyko Breathing Technique.



“Noisy and deep breathing of an asthmatic had always been considered an outcome of the disease. Nobody could even suspect that deep breathing was the cause of bronchial asthma, and increased depth of breathing could provoke the symptoms of the disease. “ K P Buteyko MD